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 ArmA Basic Training.

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ArmA Basic Training. Empty
PostSubject: ArmA Basic Training.   ArmA Basic Training. EmptyWed Jun 03, 2009 9:25 am

Everyone who joins the ArmA section will have to do a basic training mission with me and/or john. this is so that everyone can work effectively as a team and enable us to keep casualties to a low. basic training will consist of teaching u kit load outs, formations, fire sectors, communication and navigating. it sounds intense but everyone who joins the team let me assure u, its not a nightmare its easy to learn and will help u become a much better player. first basic training mission will be this week sometime. i will inform those who need the basic training when this will be occuring.

please view this video of GOL demonstrating certain things that will be covered in basic training. if u view this video training will be easier for u to learn.

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ArmA Basic Training.
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